CLEAN FLIGHT GOLF Personal Golf Ball Washer

by Peter Bohlender
Published: 28/02/2021 (11 months ago)

Introducing CLEAN FLIGHT by Clean Flight Golf. Conveniently with you throughout your game, CLEAN FLIGHT is the latest in golf technology that attaches easily to any golf bag, or golf cart cup holder.

Studies show that a clean golf ball flies significantly further and follows a truer putting line. Golf balls have a dimpled surface to improve their aerodynamic properties which increases both distance and control. Because they are used primarily on grassy surfaces, they tend to collect dirt and grass easily, which can adversely affect their performance. To maintain these aerodynamic properties golf balls, need to be free of dirt in order to perform at their peak potential.
The Clean Flight Golf team is committed to provide today’s golfer with the most technically advanced equipment in-hand to achieve the optimal golf experience, which we believe begins with a fresh clean golf ball.

Coming to when we launch in the next couple of weeks. $34.99£
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