Vertical Groove Driver Head

by Anemoi Sport Limited
Published: 17/06/2021 (1 month ago)

Brand New & Original Vertical Groove Driver (Head Only)

The only Driver on the marketplace with vertical grooves.

This listing is for the head only, allowing you to easily add your preferred shaft and grip.

Manufacturer testing, pros and amateurs showed:

Vertical Groove Golf’s signature design element – 17 vertical grooves on the clubface – reduces side-spin at impact, leading to up to 40% straighter ball flight.

Reducing side-spin also produces more forward carry, leading to greater distance off the tee.

A smaller, more traditional 450cc head decreases air resistance, leading to greater speed through the ball.

Patented VGT Technology produces a Driver which – even from heel or toe ball strikes – tightens dispersion, reduces spin and limits the damaging effects of a slice or hook.

Golfers hit more fairways and greens.

Used by multiple pros on tour with 2 tournament victories, including one Major.

Many positive independent reviews in both the UK and USA.

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