The 2021 Zen Green Stage: real-world slopes indoors

February 2021

Offer real-world slopes indoors to your customers. Now taking orders for April 2021 delivery.

The 2021 Zen Green Stage enhances the indoor golf experience by putting you onto real-world slopes. Your customers can practice every shot in golf, and experience real breaking putts from the comfort of your indoor golf studio. Say goodbye to unrealistic flat-surface indoor golf. As seen on Sky Sports TV, as used by Tour golfers and PGA academies worldwide – and now available in your golf academy, golf club or resort.



  • In the 1980s, computer games brought golf to your armchair
  • In the 2000s, launch monitors and golf simulators were perfected
  • In 2021, Zen created digitally-controlled real-world slopes for indoor golf

Zen Green Stage has been used in Sky TV coverage of all Major tournaments since 2017. Bring your golf simulator & launch monitor experience alive, with the world’s #1 adjustable indoor golf putting and playing surface.

Practice every makeable putt on the planet and play indoor golf from sloping lies, with the incredible Zen Green Stage. Discover why the world’s best golfers and their coaches are now installing them. Available in 16ft, 20ft and custom sizes, and accurate to +/- 0.1% gradient.


Download a brochure or request a Quote here:

“The new essential for the modern golf studio”
PHIL KENYON, PGA & European Tour Putting Coach | +44 (0)114 262 6933 | Designed in the UK

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