Clubs To Hire Enters Golf Property Sales Market

February 2021

Clubs to Hire, Europe’s leading golf equipment rental business has launched a new property business that will focus on facilitating property purchases in European golf hot spots.

The new business, Golf Properties Abroad ( will offer all the service and advice required with purchasing a property abroad, with a special focus on villas and apartments in Portugal’s Algarve region and other popular golfing destinations on the Continent.

Tony Judge, founder of Clubs to Hire and Director of Golf Properties Abroad said “Having previously worked in the property market we know exactly what people are looking for. In the early part of the 2000s our team sold hundreds of properties in the Algarve. On the back of the Covid pandemic the appetite for living and working in the Algarve is now very much a real option. Clients can also now take advantage of the very attractive tax benefits associated with living and working at home and in the Algarve.”

Judge and his team have joined forces with some of the largest property developers in the Algarve and they will offer golf properties ranging in price from €250,000 up to €5m.

The business will operate from a new office in the Algarve with back up from its Dublin and Manchester sales office.

Judge said: “We are excited to be offering amazing properties on some of the best golf developments in the Algarve. Having support and relationships with the likes of the Kronos Group and Monte Rei is fantastic. The golf resorts and properties are second to none and I believe we will have something that will appeal to all golfers.

“Buying property abroad can be both very exciting and tricky so we want to make sure we offer our clients the best possible product and guide them safely through the transaction. Trust and know how in this market is very important to us and our clients.”

For more information, contact Tony Judge on 0033 86 3893651

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