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When you use our website to buy or sell items you agree to adhere to the following terms of use.

Code of Conduct

We want Golf Buyer Europe to be safe platform for all our users and so we ask that you treat other with courtesy and respect when interacting through our site

You should only respond to an advert that you are genuinely interested in and engage with the seller in a spirit of good faith. Your communications should relate strictly what the advert is offering and refrain from comments about the seller themselves or opinions/judgement on other matters. Abusive or aggressive language are not permitted, neither is the unsolicited offer of commercial services.

If as a buyer or seller you receive a communication that you feel is inappropriate please do not reply. If it is threatening or hateful or you believe it breaches our terms of use please report it to use via our contact page.

Advert Moderation

All adverts submitted to our platform are subject to review prior to publishing to ensure that the content is safe and appropriate. We reserve the right to reject, amend or remove any or part of an advert without notice if it breaches these terms or conditions or does not meet our editorial standards. We also reserve the right at our discretion to restrict a user’s usage of the site either temporarily or permanently, or to refuse a user’s registration. In these circumstances we accept no liability for loss or deriving from anything set out this site, even errors or omissions. Furthermore, any transactions undertaken on or through Golf Buyer Europe shall be at the sole risk of seller and purchaser.

Age Restrictions

You must be 16 years of age or older to post an advert to our site. If you are under 16 years you should ask your parent or guardian to respond to any adverts you may be interested in and avoid exchanging any personal information with other users through this website.

Content Restrictions

The following types of content are not permitted and including them within your advert may result in it being removed temporarily or permanently from the site:

  • Malicious, defaming, discriminatory or slanderous content or of an adult or erotic nature.
  • Adverts offering illegal items or services.
  • Duplicate or spam postings.
  • Each advert should contain only one item or a collection of items from the same category.
  • URLs should not be included within advert descriptions
  • No personal information should be included with images. Contact and other details should only be entered in the dedicated fields provided
  • Premium rate phone numbers are not permitted to be used in the Contact Phone Number field, or in the ad description.
  • You must be in possession of the items you are selling before they can be posted.
  • All ads must be posted in English.

Terms last updated: 10 December 2020

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